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    Demonstration Smartphone / Tablet Support Blackberry iPhone Android Windows7 Mobile iPad TimeControl Finance/HR/Payroll Scheduling The Matrix Approval Process Scheduling System Oracle-Primavera MS Project/Project Server Deltek, Excel, Ad-hoc Tasks Resources Custom Codes Timesheet Entry Automated Validation Rules Administrative Approval Billing, Payroll, HR, Systems Project Manager Validation Advantages of using TimeControl Auditable Historical data TimeControl includes historical data on all timesheet data regardless of what changes or deletions were made in the planning system. This means that if a task is deleted or moved, the actuals are not changed Track controllable edits to posted timesheet data TimeControl allows audited Debit/Credit changes to previous timesheets which are tracked as changes to the original timesheet Automated business validation rules TimeControl includes unlimited automated validation Rules which allows an organization to define what makes an acceptable timesheet. This can include simple rules such as “no more than 24 hours per day” or complex rules such as “no overtime unless you are a wage employee and have done at least 8 hours of regular time today”. Advantages of using TimeControl Unlimited Rates TimeControl allows an unlimited number of rates per employee. Each rate maintains two values. They are typically used for internal or actual cost and external or billing cost. Project and Non-project time TimeControl can track both project items from the scheduling system and non-project items such as overhead types. There is no limit to the number of project or non-project items that can be included. Unlimited user-defined fields TimeControl allows an unlimited number of user defined fields to be added to any table (such as the employee list or task items). Multilingual TimeControl includes a multi-lingual client which includes many languages by default and a module to add your own language translations. Advantages of using TimeControl DCAA Compliance TimeControl is DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliant Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance TimeControl is a powerful tool for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in order to conform to SEC rules for internal software development and deployment for any company publicly traded in the US Other Government requirements TimeControl complies also with numerous government standards including the “European Work Rules”, FMLAs and “California Work Rules” along with many others Extensive Approvals TimeControl supports multiple levels of manual approval with each level and the path for each employee defineable at the employee level Matrix Approvals TimeControl supports HMS Software’s unique “Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™” which allows timesheet data to be approved by both line or resource managers and projects managers Advantages of using TimeControl Resource assignment options TimeControl supports both individual and group resource identification. Timesheet data can be sent for an individual’s resource code group multiple employees into one generic resource code Hierarchical display for high data volume TimeControl displays projects, rates and tasks in a hierarchical tree format. This allows support of a tremendous volume of data Link to invoicing TimeControl’s financial-quality data is ideally suited for invoicing and TimeControl’s Link module allows output to be sent to virtually any billing system or the billing module of any major Finance system Multiple project management system links TimeControl supports multiple project management links simultaneously. A project environment which includes both Primavera and Microsoft Project, for example, could be supported by TimeControl at the same time. End-users would simply see a list of tasks Primavera link features Bi-directional link Link on demand or on schedule Update: Assignment ETC Task ETC Primavera Steps Transfer hours and costs to: Task totals or; Financial periods P6TC6 TC6P6 Primavera Link From Primavera to TimeControl Project information Activity information Activity Steps information Resource information Assignments information From TimeControl to Primavera Actual hours Actual costs Assignment and Task ETC Steps progress Data to Totals or; Financial Periods Links to HR, Project Mgt and Finance HMS Software is a Gold Oracle Partner Primavera, a Certified Microsoft Partner and a Deltek ISV partner TimeControl includes direct integration with popular project management systems such as Microsoft Project and Project Server, Oracle-Primavera and Deltek’s Open Plan and Cobra. You can move data on a scheduled or on-demand basis Supports multiple project management systems and versions simultaneously Customizable import/export function to interface with virtually any Finance, Billing, HR, Payroll software or service or ERP system including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and more primavera_partner_logo.gif SAP Logo.jpg getfile.tif ader/logo.gif Some of our clients akzonobel atlanta_airport bdc Bombardier CAE1 Cimmetry ericsson_logo johndeere kellyservices koch_logo1 lg_Rroyce Lockerbie and Hole LockheedMartin Mercury1 Motorola organon Positron saab Saskatchewan StandardLife stel-logo Transcontinental Thomson Beta GeorgiaPacific Inventure CIHI Exfo PsionTeklogix upi7829_1[1] TommyHilfiger johnson and wales university CasinoNiagara top_logo[1] adacel Acergy : seabed-to-surface volvo logo[1] stratosglobal MicrosoftLogo.jpg USACE_Logo.jpg ParkerHanifen electromotivediesel.jpg VilleDeMontreal.jpg TimeControl works in many industries Engineering/Construction Aecon Construction AeroInfo Koch Business Solutions Kongsberg Devotek Thompson Beta Gas / Utilities Gulf South Pipeline Acergy Petrocon VenCorp Manufacturing Alcan Parker Hannifin Dofasco Georgia Pacific John Deere Magneti Marelli Mercury Marine Tennant Wagner Spray Tech Vision Systems Defense / Aerospace Bombardier Inc. CAE Electronics General Motors Diesel Lockheed Martin Rolls Royce SAAB Government Dutch Railways Government of Saskatchewan Railway Procurement Agency (UK) Technology Arivia CSI Piemonte DRS Power Control Tech EDS Face Technology Fuel Plus Software GE Access Lockheed Martin Positron Psion Techlogix DRUCK Ltd Telecommunications Cable & Wireless Bartel Ericsson EXFO Motorola Philips Semiconductors SARA Amsterdam Stratos Global Financial Standard Life Development Bank of One Health/Pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim Azko Nobel (Organon) RTS Thurnall UK National Health Service (NHS) Canadian Institute for Health Info Iogen Registrat World_Transparent TimeControl Dealer Network Montreal, Canada Toronto, Canada Mexico Brazil UK Hungary Netherlands Germany Norway S. Africa Saudi Arabia Australia Hong Kong Denmark Thailand USA Sweden Finland Argentina Russia Chile Singapore What sets TimeControl apart Install onsite or subscribe online Mobile, Tablet, Browser interface Multi-browser, multi-language Already links to Primavera an dother Project Management systems, SharePoint, Excel Vacation Approvals TimeControl is the most flexible and adaptive timesheet on the market and remarkably fast to implement Thank you! For more information: To find out more about TimeControl: To try TimeControl for free: To find out about TimeControl and Primavera: rimavera To reach HMS Software: TimeControl Integrate TimeControl 6 and Primavera’s P6 for an integrated project environment ® Introductions HMS: Founded in 1984 TimeControl released to market in 1994 Partners with: Oracle-Primavera since 1997 Microsoft since 1995 Deltek (Welcom) since 1985 Chris Vandersluis getfile.tif Why track time? headline quote white thin “If you can measure something, then you have some control over it." Rheticus TimeControl® HR Systems and Payroll Finance and Billing systems Project Management Governance Activity Costing systems Timesheets TimeControl TC4_trans TimeControl Principles Easy for the end user Robust functionality available to who needs it Highly flexible Highly connectable Fast to deploy Easy to maintain TimeControl Overview TimeControl is timesheet software designed to serve the needs of Finance and Project Management at the same time. TimeControl includes links to Oracle/Primavera’s P6 and earlier versions of Primavera starting with P3 TimeControl also includes a module to link to virtually every Finance, HR and Payroll system including Microsoft Dynamics, Timberline, SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and more Demonstration