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It has been more than ten years since there was an issue of Generations devoted to family caregiving (Winter 2003–2004). At that time, the Family and Medical Leave Act was ten years old, and states were in the early adoption and implementation stages of the National Family Caregiver Support Program. Models of caregiver interventions and support were being tested—especially with families caring for Alzheimer’s patients—but the call was to move beyond individual programs and change health and social service systems to include family caregivers as care partners. Although no comprehensive policy or program to support family caregiving exists today, and widespread integration of family caregivers in delivery processes remains an aspirational goal rather than reality, the pace of dialogue and interest has quickened notably in the past five years, in ways that are most likely beyond the expectations of those working in this field a decade ago.  This webinar will discuss the common challenges experienced by family caregivers, programs that are now available and how they may be accessed, and emerging programs and policies that are being diffused to support family caregivers.PLEASE NOTE: CEUs for this event are no longer available.     Please find the download for the slides for this webinar here: http://tinyurl.com/j9gm5ou 
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