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This webinar, part of the “The Generations Education” series, will describe an algorithmic approach called DICE, which stands for Describe, Investigate, Create and Evaluate. DICE is derived from a multidisciplinary national expert panel. It is an evidence-informed approach designed to detect and manage behavioral symptoms of dementia, while considering possible etiologies, and integrating pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments. It also is designed for healthcare providers to implement in the real world, in a variety of settings. Dr. Helen Kales, professor of psychiatry and director of the Program for Positive Aging at the University of Michigan, and Dr. Laura Gitlin, professor in the School of Nursing, Department of Community Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, also discuss applying DICE in different settings and the role of health and human service professionals in the DICE process. PLEASE NOTE: CEUs for this event are no longer available.  
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