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Grantmakers FINAL APRIL 15.wmv
Sue Hassmiller, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF’s) senior adviser for nursing, and Dr. Tara Cortes, Executive Director at the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, discuss RWJF’s Future of Nursing Scholars program.  This program is creating a diverse cadre of PhD prepared nurses who are committed to long-term leadership careers; advancing science and discovery through research; strengthening nursing education; and furthering transformational change in nursing and health care. Dr. Hassmiller shares her vision for expanding the program’s funders community and also the research implications of its scholars to expand into the field of gerontological studies.  As the baby boomers age and require more service in our long term care facilities, our system will need more nurse leaders ready to ensure that the care they receive will be of the highest quality.  John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers in Aging, moderates the session.  
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