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6-10-2013 New Engines for a New Economy Advancing 50-Plus Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship.wmv
The “Longevity Economy” is a tremendous opportunity: older adults' self-employment contributes to their own health, well-being, and financial security as well as the nation's through their businesses' job creation and their continuing contributions to Social Security and Medicare. This webinar will describe the characteristics of older self-employed workers and entrepreneurs and the private/public sector support key to sustaining these new economic engines. The webinar also will highlight several major developments in the area of 50+ self-employment and entrepreneurship, including Age-Friendly Banking, AARP's joint venture with the Small Business Administration, the "New Engines for a New Economy" summit series, and other emerging global initiatives. Elizabeth Isele, Co-Founder and CEO of Senior Entrepreneurship Works, Greg O’Neill, Director of the National Academy on an Aging Society, Gerontological Society of America, and Stacey Easterling, Programme Executive with the Atlantic Philanthropies, lead the discussion. John Feather, Grantmakers In Aging CEO, moderates the session. From June 10, 2013.
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