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The “Advocates for Livable Communities” project is designed to identify ways to engage new advocates, develop and evaluate the training approach and expand this model to new communities. Our target audience of 20 participants in each community—10 people who were aging and 10 people with disabilities, including but not limited to intellectual, developmental, visual, hearing and physical disabilities. There were five days of intensive training spread over six weeks that included outside homework and forming new partnerships within the group. Four local communities around Indiana and approximately 35 individuals have fully participated thus far. In this web seminar we will share experiences and outcomes from the trainings and discuss the significance of livability as an issue that can bring together the aging and disability communities. Part of the “Disabilities in Aging: A Future Redesigned” Series, sponsored by Wal-Mart.    PLASE NOTE: CEUs for this event are no longer available.   Please find the download for the slides for this webinar here: http://tinyurl.com/qxfdpg6 
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