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Fuse for Camtasia Relay - Flash (Medium) - 20120905 08.51.33AM
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    One of the things that I always hear people say about iPads is that it is great for “consuming” content, but not for “creating” content. I disagree that an iPad cannot be use for creating content and one of the apps that I use to create content is Fuse for Camtasia Relay. This application is great way to distribute a self created video to your class. You can use this tool to record a short “start of the week” message for your course where you highlight what your students should be focusing on and tie it back to what they had just done in the previous week. This is a great way to increase your “instructor presence” so that your students feel more connected and engaged with you. Another great feature is that it is portable. With this app on your mobile device, you can record interviews or maybe you are located somewhere off campus and want to bring that experience into your online course by recording and sharing a video of the location or event. After you record your video, you use the app to publish to Camtasia Relay. When Camtasia Relay finished processing the video, the server will email you a link and embed code that you can put into your course. Now Fuse for Camtasia Relay is free and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. However you must have a Camtasia Relay account in order to be able to use this app If you're teaching an ASU Online course we will provide you an account for free of charge upon request.