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How to Narrow a Search for Scholarly Articles.mp4
Demonstrates how to select appropriate search terms to narrow the scope of searches in the Science Direct database. Demonstrates that natural language searches are often more effective when search the full text of an article. Once the researcher has read one or more articles, the researcher is more likely to identify any jargon or scientific terms used for the topic. A second revised search of the abstract field can be performed using the newly identified jargon or scientific terms, often yielding more precise and relevant results. ; Originally created by Larry Sheret (Western State College of Colorado) using Camtasia Studio on Nov 10, 2010. Approx 2:33 in length. The Camtasia Studio source files, and the original .mp4 files for this tutorial can be retrieved from the ANTS project repository at the University of Calgary Dspace: https://dspace.ucalgary.ca/handle/1880/48266