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Visualize the future of your company’s growth in partnership with TIBCO Spotfire!

Find out why TIBCO Spotfire should be on your short list of Strategic Partnerships for 2011 by attending our informational webinar on November 4th, 2010 at 1:30PM ET. Start planning now to grow your business in 2011! 

In our webinar, Bill Doyle, VP Spotfire Global Indirect Channels, will explain how a partnership with TIBCO Spotfire can help you leverage the next BIG thing in delivering value to your customers!
• Ad-Hoc Visual Analysis
• Social Business Intelligence
• Intelligent Interactive Dashboards
• Predictive Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire has been implemented by 1,000s of customers. Now you can share in the growth of customers embracing the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform. A Value Added Reseller partnership with TIBCO Spotfire provides you:
• Complimentary solutions to your BI offerings with SAP, IBM, Oracle and others 
• Generous resale margins
• Higher value and more strategic professional services
• Increase new customer acquisition

The Power of Spotfire!

TIBCO Spotfire gives our partners and their customers the power to solve complex business challenges in an easy to use, fully integrated Visual and Statistical Analytics platform. We provide a flexible and comprehensive solution for your small, medium and large enterprise customers needs. 

To get you thinking, here are some examples of how our customers are currently using TIBCO Spotfire’s Visual and Statistical Analytics:
• Credit Risk Modeling, Fraud Detection, Loan Analysis, Cost Analysis in Finance
• Campaign & Promotion Analysis and Sales & Marketing Effectiveness across the Enterprise
• Yield Defect, Quality and Warranty in Manufacturing 
• Plus many more

Find out more about how a partnership with TIBCO Spotfire enables you can bring these solutions and more to your customers, while driving new revenue and margins for your business. 

Register now for our Visualize the Future with TIBCO Spotfire Analytics webinar!
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