-Looking for a new approach to marketing? Interested in tangible media products to help you stand out? Are you looking to find a way to catch the attention of your hottest potential clients? Look no further! Video brochures offer all of those perks, and more. Video brochures produced by Mediafast are composed of a screen embedded into a custom print presentation. Open the cover to discover a digital screen with interactive buttons. These media pamphlets can be customized in a variety of sizes like small business cards or even bigger video boxes. Our screen sizes range from 3" to 10"! And all screens are HD. The most common size fits like a book in your hand and lighter than you could ever imagine. Use video brochures for corporate purposes, business presentations, advertisements, and conferences. Hospitals & medical centers, luxury product manufacturers, the NFL, travel agencies, and more, have all used this service to promote themselves. These products can be as unique as you want them to be. When ordering, you can pick the screen size, the memory size, print options, and button function. The best part? They are rechargeable! You can watch your new marketing product over and over again. On the Mediafast website, choose from hundreds of templates to make the best video brochures possible. Visit MediaFast today to order your FREE sample.
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