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The Political Environment of Age-Friendliness  APRIL 29.wmv
The concept of age-friendly communities and cities has been adapted and applied in many different ways worldwide.  Increasingly the term “age-friendly” is an important pillar to the strategic plans of all levels of government.  What does it mean to decision-makers and politicians for their community to be age-friendly?  Is it an attractive proposition?  If so, how can the business case be made for political-buy in and engagement that brings with it funds?  Our speakers, Hugh O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer of Age Friendly Ireland, andMargaret Neal, Director of the Institute on Aging at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, have been deeply engaged in this process and will help us understand the opportunities and challenges.  John Feather, Grantmakers In Aging CEO, moderates the session. From April 29, 2014  
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