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Clinical Safety and Exploratory Review in Spotfire 3.1.mp4
For clinical development to proceed more efficiently, clinical development organizations are simplifying and streamlining clinical data management and analysis processes. Our Spotfire 3.1 Clinical platform - including Spotfire interactive visualization and S+/R predictive analytics - enables proactive, responsive decision making, rather than retrospective tracking of results. Such proactive decision making can shorten the time between critical development gates and enable key milestones to be met sooner, while simultaneously managing safety risk. 

This demonstration will include a live analysis of a phase 2 clinical trial including interactive review/analysis of adverse events, labs, vitals etc., and in-built statistical analysis for assessing AE treatment emergence using methods such as trees and forests. The seamless connection between Spotfire and S+/R will be discussed in context and with additional examples e.g. PK exposure-response and survival analysis.
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