Coupling the Electric Power and Transportation Sectors.mp4
The basic story of “electric power to combustible fuels” is that renewable energy technologies, especially at high penetration, will at times produce “low-value electrons” in the open market, creating the potential for arbitrage.  Such “electrons” could be stored for use at a different time, stored in battery electric vehicles, or used to produce water (through, for example, reverse osmosis), or used to produce hydrogen, to name a few possibilities.  Some of these conversations are happening, especially surrounding battery electric vehicles.  However, other conversations are also important.  For example, what if many of the electrons divert to the transportation sector, are we accelerating the combined transition or making it more challenging?  Are we increasing economic efficiency?  Would recycling waste CO2, as a carbon source to produce fuels, facilitate a combined transition, or impede one or the other?  
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