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In this 10 minute interview with Lisa Jackson Executive Strategy Director at frog design, we ask her:• How are innovation, technology, and changing demographics transforming our organizations?• How can organizations become less reactive to these changes and design learning solutions that address these transformations?• How can you keep a pulse on the learning happening inside of your organization and use that information to continuously make adjustments and fill gaps?  • With Millennials and freelance workers in global talent pool, how can technology and organizational design play a role in developing them as future leaders?View the Talent Pulse Research Here: http://www.hci.org/hr-research/2015-talent-pulse-learning-unbound-agile-employee-development (Available 8/3/2015)For more information on the 2015 Learning and Leadership Development Conference - http://www.hci.org/hr-conferences/2015-Learning-Leadership-Development/overview