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72 Saturday Study 25 September 2021.mp4
We are beginning a new cycle, and are using the Midrash Tanchuma to structure our study this year. Midrash Tanchuma is a midrash on the five books of the Torah, structured as sermons on the opening verses of each paragraph in the Torah. Named for the talmudic sage Rabbi Tanchuma, who features prominently in the text. The dating of the Tanchuma is about 500 to 800 CE. Using  a midrash is quite different than a commentary, so be prepared for a wide variety of subjects and thoughts.  Today Jake discusses the creation of the world, and the Torah, and the importance of correctly rendering each letter of the Torah. Who can fear God? The humble. Why?  Discussion of rewards in the world to come, and some ties from the New Testament on thirsting, and thirsting no more.