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Sherry Blake, PhD --- Dr. Sherry Blake, better known as “Dr. Sherry” is a therapist to the stars. She considers everyone a “star” in their own right. Some are already known while others are waiting to be discovered. Born in Nashville, TN, Dr. Sherry is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Atlanta and is among the most highly sought-after media experts in the area of mental health. She equips, inspires, and empowers people to reach their goals in life. Her work has encompassed everyone from celebrities to everyday people. Dr. Sherry successfully combines a direct style, skilled techniques and a touch of humor to make talking with her non-threatening. Over the years, Dr. Sherry has partnered with federal, state and local government agencies, local health departments, professional athletic and faith-based organizations, to name a few, to address mental health issues and has written articles on mental health. Dr. Sherry has been a cast member of the WeTV’s “Braxton Family Values” for three seasons and currently appears as the relationship expert. She has also appeared on 5 seasons of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
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