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Nerds Of Online_ Nerd Party Preview.mp4
Next level gaming parties with friends optimized for YouTube video entertainment. Future Plans: Our video format is going to change - better quality, new elements, and actual gameplay footage. The stupidity and compilation format will stay the same. We are working on a real video layout. We are not actors. Everything you witness is real. Links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/NerdsOfOnline T-Shirts: http://nerdparty.spreadshirt.com Song: https://machinimasound.com/music/premium/poltergeist Intro: http://fiverr.com/xblackout More Tags: "CoD LAN Party";"LAN Party";"GTA IV Preview";"CoD Ghosts Preview";LAN Parties;CoD LAN Parties;Nerds Of Online;Internet Nerds;Nerd Party;Nerdy Party;Nerdy Compilation;Nerd Remix;Nerd Preview;PS4 Party;XBox One Party;How To LAN;Hilarious Nerds;Group Gaming; Gaming With Friends;Friends Gaming;CoD Ghosts LAN;Call of Duty Ghosts LAN;GTA 5 LAN;Black Ops LAN Party;Black Ops LAN;Video Game Freakout
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