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NCFPP - Helping Families of Children with Special Health Care Needs
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coverslide.jpg Helping Families Of Children with Special Health Care Needs C:\Users\Peggy\Documents\FC\2010\March\SDC12301.JPG The NCFPP helps families of children and youth with special health care needs / disabilities and professionals partner in improving care. C:\Users\Peggy\Documents\OldPublications\Publications\Kaui Family graduation.jpg The NCFPP promotes and advances concepts and practices of family-centered, culturally-competent, community-based care. L:\October-20-2008\My Documents\FV\FVPhotos\twins B-DAY PARTY 4-3-04 052.jpg “Having a subcontract (with the) NCFPP has been extremely beneficial; it facilitates timely conversations and enhances communications. In return it has increased our understanding on how to increase integration on cultural competence strategies.” - professional organization J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\08Calendar\Pics I really like!\Sherry and Shelby Larson.jpg The NCFPP supports family leaders in every state to work with Title V and other agencies on shaping effective family-centered programs and policies. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\08Calendar\Pics I really like!\Mitch and Katy Beckett.JPG At the request of state agencies and others, NCFPP can identify and mentor family leaders for specific projects. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\09Calendar\February Singles - FINAL\Huebner little boy in stroller.jpg “The NCFPP has helped us by involving families in the design and dissemination of national and regional data for children with special needs.” - professional organization J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\10Calendar\AUGUST - Summer\Roberts boy and girl on swing summer 72dpi.jpg On request, the NCFPP reviews materials to ensure family perspectives and improve family-friendliness. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\10Calendar\FEBRUARY - Siblings\BAnderson grandchildren with grandma.JPG “The NCFPP has given us helpful information and feedback on organization and presentation of childcare data on the website…to ensure that the website was family friendly.” - professional organization J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\09Calendar\January Siblings - FINAL\Baranko pretty sisters.JPG NCFPP staff/consultants can provide presentations, trainings, and assistance to other family leaders and the professionals who serve our families. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\Families\African family banner photo.jpg “Technical assistance received from NCFPP staff has helped firm the foundation of cultural competence.” - professional organization Through Family Voices membership, individual families and professionals can participate in listserv discussions among families, family leaders, and professionals around the country. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\FV2006Ca lendar\DMPicture023.jpg J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\FV Calendar 2005 pic\Kori Leolla.jpg At the request of state agencies and others, the NCFPP can promote and disseminate information to families and family leaders through Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2F HICs) and other networks. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\FV2006Calendar\DSC02143.JPG “Thanks for your support, encouragement, educational materials and leadership. I feel that Family Voices is truly making a difference at the national level in helping families of CYSHCN provide the best care and make the best decisions for their children. - family organization J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\FV2006Calendar\000_0113.JPG The NCFPP collects, analyzes, and disseminates data on the assistance and training that F2F HICs provide in every state. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\FV2006Calendar\File0001.jpg The NCFPP provides access to over 160 tip sheets, reports, tools, and other materials on the NCFPP website. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\GOOD PICTURES\GOOD PICTURES\Banner photo - Hicks family.jpg The NCFPP website and linked F2F websites in every state are searchable for resources on family/professional partnerships and many related topics. J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\GOOD PICTURES\GOOD PICTURES\SAN family.jpg “Dissemination of NCFPP developed fact sheets, brochures, and other printed materials at conferences, table displays, trainings and mailings has increased our ability to reach more families.” - family organization J:\Photos\FamilyVoices\Conf2009\DSC_0621.JPG FAMILY VOICES National Center for Family/Professional Partnerships Special thanks to Jim Brickman, performer of background music, Simple Gifts, from his Beautiful World cd.