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Introduction to the Simulation Rezzer
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Edit the Simulatoin Rezzer A variety of buttons appear in the Content Tab Close the edit menu and left click the rezzer See the menu on screen? Select the Star <BR>Chamber for a tutorial Select the Star Chamber from the menu If it does not appear or is rotated, type Clear in <BR>the Nearby Me chat and select it again To get rid of a scene, just type the word Clear <BR>in the Nearby Me chat The Star Chamber's presentation viewer has <BR>instructions on how to create a ball that <BR>rezzes Click through the viewer to get information <BR>about how to create a red ball that rezzes See that insibile crate there? It is the New <BR>Scene option from the menu, and also, a <BR>button When you first select the New Scene option <BR>from the rezzer's menu, you cannot see it Turn on transparency by using the ctrl key and <BR>the alt key at the same time with the Letter T Use ctrl alt T to see transparency or to stop <BR>seeing transparency Right click and edit your New Scene button, <BR>and take ransparency off If you forget the command, look at the <BR>Advanced menu, Highlighting and Visibility <BR>and the Highlight Trasparent command The transparency command is a toggle and it <BR>turns it on and off Content that has alpha texture in it glows red, <BR>like my hair, the box and other items around <BR>me Rename the New Scene to your button name Before updating the button, let's create some <BR>content. On the edit menu, click the Create command <BR>that looks like a magic wand at the top of the <BR>menu Select a sphere and click the ground with your <BR>magic wand A sphere appears and we can texture it Blank <BR>and color it Red Click the color box to color it red The red ball needs a Component Rezzing <BR>script so we can record its location for rezzing When you drag it into the Content tab, move <BR>the edit window near your Inventory window It makes it easier to have your windows <BR>nearby Name your Red Ball object Set your permissions to Share with Group <BR>and at the bottom, to Modify, Copy, Transfer Close the edit window and type Record in the <BR>Nearby Me chat Look at the Nearby Me Chat to see three <BR>lines: your Record request, and two lines <BR>confirming it If you do not see three lines, type Record in <BR>the Nearby Me chat again The New Scene button and the Red Ball's <BR>Component script work together. Take your Red Ball into inventory. Right click <BR>and Take the Red Ball into your inventory Edit the New Scene box, either with <BR>transparency on or by editing the simulation <BR>first and then left click the center of the Simulation <BR>Rezzer where the New Scene box resides To place the red ball inside the New Scene <BR>Button, drag it from your inventory to the <BR>Content tab When you left click with the edit window open, <BR>it edits the new object that was just clicked Do not forget to rename your button to the <BR>Red Ball Rezzer I should have called the ball Red Ball and you <BR>can right click and rename it in the Content <BR>tab Drag a copy of the renamed Red Ball object <BR>back to your inventory and delete the old <BR>version The ball is a Red Ball and the rezzer button <BR>should be Red Ball Rez to note the difference Go to the General Tab and name your button <BR>Red Ball Rez Make sure that both the Red Ball and the Red <BR>Ball Rez button are full permission and share <BR>with group Take the button into your inventory and edit the <BR>Simulation Rezzer disk on the ground It is easier to take it while you are editing it It is inside your inventory, yet the edit window <BR>still shows content Take a look in your inventory and there is both <BR>the Red Ball Rez button and the Red Ball. The Object Edit window shows the Content <BR>tab for the Red Ball Rez button in inventory Edit the Simulation Rezzer disk and go to the <BR>Content tab to drag your button into it When you are inedit mode, a left click on a <BR>new object allows you to easily edit other <BR>objects If you accidentally click the ground or are <BR>editing something else, left click the new <BR>content to edit it See all of the buttons in side your Rezzer's <BR>Content tab? Add Red Ball Rez to it Grab it in your inventory and drag it into the <BR>Content tab Close the edit window and left click the rezzer <BR>or right click the rezzer and select the Touch <BR>command If the pie menu was a clock, the Touch <BR>command is in the 12:00 position A right click and the Touch command is the <BR>same as a left click Close your edit window and select the Red <BR>Ball Rez button This demo covered creating a new scene, <BR>creating a sphere, dragging a component <BR>script inside it Type record in Nearby Me chat to record the <BR>position, name it and take it into inventory, <BR>drag it into the Button's Contents Name the Button and share it with group and <BR>take the button into inventory and drag it into <BR>the Simulation Rezzer A website that describes this process is <BR> Again, it is <BR>