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AZTurboCourt Registration
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Learning Objectives Learn how to create your organization’s registration plan. Learn how to register in AZTurboCourt. Learn how to add other users and edit your organization’s information. C:\Users\Diwilson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\11HLOXX6\MC900303033[1].jpg AZTurboCourt Registration AZTC logoAndShadowPlus4.jpg Administrative User Basic User View all form sets created by all users associated with the firm View only form sets created by this user account Create new users N/A Inactivate users in the system N/A Change user access level N/A Change user passwords Change own password Edit firm account information N/A Change profile information for all users (individually) Change profile information related to this user account Change email preference only for this admin user account Change email preference Registration Information Do not register without verifying your organizations registration plan. The first person to register is automatically an administrative user. The email address used at initial registration becomes the organizations email address and will receive every filing status message for all users within the organization. Determine users role, will secretaries login as the attorney or as themselves? Login (usernames) must be unique. Email addresses are unique.