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Secrets of the Success Equation Sales Video 2
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The Secrets of the Success Equation An Intimate Examination of the Principles of Mastery and Success Discover why I wouldn’t take $1 Million Dollars cash right now… If it meant I would forever have to loose the knowledge and power contained in “The Secrets of the Success Equation” program. That may sound outrageously crazy to you, even impossible to fathom, but if you will stick with me until the end… you’ll quickly understand why I would say this… You see… this may turn out to be be the most important and life changing video that you will ever see… Heard this before… I know that you may have heard me claim something similar to this already… but stay tuned and let me show you why this is going to be one of those pinnacle turning point moments in your life… Perhaps you’ve heard some of my story online already, but if not then let me tell you about it for a minute… Let me explain… My name is Dave Schlueter and just a few short years ago I was REALLY desperate to: Find a way to put my life back on track. Break out of the downward spiral my life had been sucked into by a series of misfortunate events. And to finally break free from whatever had been holding me down for too long, and achieve the success and abundance in life that I knew I deserved… Let me tell you about it. You see, I was desperately sinking in the mire of mediocrity and shame that my life circumstances had produced for me. It got so bad that I actually thought I’d never get out from under the debt and negative gravity of the situation. I was frantically searching for a money making idea, job, system, a philosophy or whatever it would take to save me. I was a little lost and I really knew that given my situation I was going to need some real help… I was lost and I knew it… But I honestly didn’t know what to look for... And I didn’t know who I could trust trust. I didn’t really know anything about success as it turned out... But I was desperate, hungry, and I was willing to learn. There’s more… We lived in a broken down cabin with wood heat and a leaky roof… half the house didn't even have windows, and we had sunk to existing on public assistance and food-stamps just to get by. I was broke as a joke and my self-esteem and confidence had absolutely flat lined as a result. That really isn’t even the half of it, but I’ll spare you all the gory details for now… “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” product that you may have already heard about, was birthed from this crisis… It was created out of poverty, mediocrity, despair, and the sting and associated shame that comes with sinking to less than you know you deserve to be in life… Maybe some of you can relate with all this…I don’t know. But so much more was discovered and birthed out of this crisis…this situation of inspiration and desperation that I found myself in… As a matter of fact that situation became a real turning point for me in my life, and has since proved itself to be a gigantic blessing in disguise… And that’s what I’m so excited to talk to you about and share with you today. What I want to talk to you about is “The Secrets of the Success Equation”…that I uncovered because of this life crisis… My Story… So if you’ve heard my story online already then you know that this is what I did about my particular situation… That crisis of inspiration and desperation that I was telling you about. And I’ll try to keep it brief... So what I did was this… I bought and devoured book after book on Business, Wealth, and Success Psychology. I ingested a plethora of Tapes, CD’s and DVD’s from wealthy and successful mentors and teachers. I attended Seminar after Seminar. I Spent Long hours in bookstores with bloodshot eyes. I sought out the greatest spiritual masters and I poured myself into the spiritual texts… And I ended up spending thousands on my new found success addiction. I truly dedicated my life to the quest… I sought out the best Mentors on the planet for my specific fields of interest. I sought out the greatest systems and tools for creating success, wealth, and abundance. I burned out my eyes, my ears, and my backside pouring over, books, teleseminars, conferences, live events, etc., etc., etc. And here’s what happened… I discovered the hidden laws of rapid and successful wealth creation. I discovered the successful strategies, plans, and techniques that online and offline millionaires and super successful achievers use to create the incredible lives that they live. I discovered a non-offensive spiritual success plan for living that even the Dali lama could be pleased with. And… I discovered a super successful, simple, plan of action for creating and living a Super-Successful life… I call it: “The Secrets of the Success Equation.” And as you will discover in a moment: It works just like gravity does, because like gravity it’s reliably based upon physical laws or principles of the universe. It’s based in, and firmly rooted in the Laws of Success and Abundance, and how to create and manifest results in this world. How it works… It’s works with the physical and spiritual realities of life that constitute the frame work and make up of all things. And it’s based upon all four planes of your existence…Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical. If you are familiar with my Compelling Reason Why product then you know that… Before I discovered these greater truths, all I knew was that someone had to have the secrets to success that were missing from my life. The secrets that would produce the successful and abundant life that everyone wants to live but few people actually ever discover. I wanted desperately to discover the recipe to success and abundance and so I set out on a life quest to find them. I wanted answers and I was searching for the right ingredients and formula that would make people unstoppable and virtually guarantee their success in life. Other people were manifesting the success that I wanted, and I had to find out what it was they knew and were doing differently. I wanted to know what their secrets were… I wanted to know how to duplicate what they had accomplished. I figured if I could learn and master their secrets, and apply them to my life then I could do it to… It seemed a simple enough request… What I discovered was this… From great mentors and teachers who opened my eyes… I eventually learned: The great philosophy of wealth and success from the richest and most successful men in all of history. I had my money thermostat reprogrammed by the best money mind game mentors in the industry. I learned to reprogram my mental files and to condition my beliefs and nervous system for absolute joy, success, and abundance in life. I learned about the 4 great wealth mountains and the systems, leverage, tools, and training necessary to summit them. I learned marketing and mentoring skills from some of the greatest minds in business. I became inspired to say the least… And I became an entrepreneur and a success mentor to others in the process. But among the greatest of things I learned was this: The absolute necessity for… A System To make it all… Simple Practical & Usable That’s what The Secrets of the Success Equation program is all about… A simple practical how to action plan for living that will produce incredible joy, success, and abundance in a persons life… My mentors taught me that… “Wealth, Joy, Success, and Abundance is the result of a formula or a system.” Raw information alone, raw ingredients by themselves are never enough. It takes a system, a plan, and a schematic for living… “It’s like an amazing family recipe that can been handed down for generations…” Listen… “If I have the best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe ever…” And if I give you that EXACT recipe. The EXACT instructions. The EXACT ingredients. “Even if you’ve never baked before…” You’d probably end up with some pretty AWESOME Chocolate Chip Cookies! Even if all you do is just follow along with the recipe… What they taught me was this… Success, Wealth, and Abundance in life is no accident… It’s the result of following the recipe. It’s a formula. It’s Scientific. It’s not based in’s a reliable “Equation.” If you follow the recipe (the system) you end up with the same type results (awesome cookies) every time. What they said was profound… “It really just comes down to whether people know the recipe or not, and whether they are willing to follow through and apply it consistently to their lives.” Do you want Killer Chocolate Chip Cookies… …or not? People should have the choice… You see without this knowledge and power people really don’t have the choice of “Killer Cookies”… or not. But once people are outfitted with the truth (the recipe/formula for success)… It then becomes their choice whether they will follow through and use it or not. They can then choose whether they want to make Killer Cookies… or not. Without this choice people have no power to decide… At last… I had found the missing knowledge that I had been searching for… I had discovered the essential Recipe… The Secrets that make all the difference in life… I then put it together into a usable system for creating/duplicating Abundant Success… All the right ingredients… You see you can have all the necessary ingredients for success lined up in front of you… the finest flour, the best sugar, the best baking sheets, and oven… You might even have things set at the right temperature to begin… But Success is an Equation… A Formula A System A Recipe for Killer Chocolate Chip cookies… Without “The Recipe” you will still fail to produce the success that you have dreamed of… You’ll get something but it may not be everything you were expecting… It happens all the time… But when you are working with the right formula, the right recipe, the right “Success Equation” Here’s what can happen… Here’s what happened to me… I became relentlessly focused and experienced unstoppable motivation to achieve my goals as never before. Fears, worries, and obstacles that once blocked my path to success trembled in my presence and melted away from the heat of my desire. A Burning Desire… I was set ablaze with that “white hot” burning desire that Napoleon Hill describes as absolutely essential for achieving great wealth, achievement & success in life. I experienced the great sense of purpose and definite direction that had been missing in my life. Favor and Inspiration… Inspiration began to provide me with the specific massive action plans I needed to succeed. I began to experience seeming favor in the eyes of the universe, as opportunity and exactly what I needed would show up in my life at just the right times and place. Magnetic Attraction… I began to attract unbelievable opportunities and the things I desired most in life. I accomplished tasks and produced results in my life that were at one time impossible for me to achieve. Faith and Assurance… And I experienced a profound sense of rightness, assurance, connection, and faith as never before. I possessed a Compelling Reason Why and that was just the beginning of my adventure… I built the body of my dreams from the broken sickly example of my former self. Etc. Etc. Etc… And, etc. etc. etc. etc… You’ve heard this story before already I’m sure. It’s the one we all want… And once you get your eyeballs on The Secrets of the Success Equation” program and follow the exercises, you’ll understand why this works so well. Can I just coach you guys here for a minute..? Here’s a tip: and you’ve probably heard me say this before, but have you ever bought something from someone online and maybe felt just a little bit scammed by them? Like they really didn’t quite deliver on the goods and promises? Do you ever buy from that person again? NO!!! Remember the #1 Law… Remember… the #1- law of online wealth is to create repeat buyers! You must learn to create buyers who purchase something small and inexpensive from you (which helps you make $ online initially) and then build upon the trust that you establish to sell higher ticket price or “Next Level” products later, which ends up making you even more money down the line… Create fans & customers for life… The idea is to create fans and customers for life… You want to cultivate relationships with your clients that are built on value and on trust. Sales may make people money… but it’s relationships that will make you wealthy on line and in life. Creating money for life… If you want to have $ for life then you have to have happy satisfied paying customers for life. You have to have customers that love your product and that love you. To create these fans for life you must deliver if not over deliver on all your products and your promises. Follow the laws of success… You have to learn these laws of online marketing or you will make zero money in the online arena. If you don’t you can just kiss your millionaire dreams goodbye… Once you get inside my success system I’ll show you everything… so be sure and stay tuned and we’ll get you up to speed on these laws later… But for now let’s get back to what’s most important… I have “A TON” more to share with you about generating wealth and success… But I’m going to save it until you have tapped into the full power of my training system... High ticket items… Here’s the deal…The Secrets of the Success Equation is that kind of higher ticket price item that we were talking about… But… I am going to be making you a deal soon that is going to absolutely blow you away… A deal that is so good you really can’t afford to pass it up. You see I’m not going to be charging you the kind of top tier entry price that you’d expect for such a powerful and amazing complete “Success in a Box System”. The kind of pricing that other people will undoubtedly charge you… But first let me tell you about everything you’re going to get in this complete “Success in a Box” type system… That way you’ll really begin to understand the incredible value that we’re talking about… What you’re going to get… Inside “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” you will be able to tap into all my years of experience, plus the wisdom I’ve gained from all my greatest mentors, teachers, and the nearly $10,000 in courses I invested in to really master this powerful subject and be able to bring it to you in such a simple powerful and usable form. But you won’t have to spend $10,000 for… “The Secrets of the Success Equation” because I’ve already invested that money for you… Which by the way can be the ticket price alone for some of the top tier multi-day training conferences out there. But I’m not going to charge you that kind of investment for this kind of training… Not even close… And Here’s why… Right now I’m doing a special… “hand-holding” course on success and marketing because I want to prove to the world that my system is better than ANYTHING else out there. I’m here to prove a point… I want you to see the power of these secrets so badly, and get them working for you in your life today so desperately… that I’m putting the price WAY WAY LOW. And for the sake of speed, I’m making my “Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” program available immediately online… You DON’T have to wait to see it. You DON’T have to wait for it to arrive. Once you are ready to take action and begin to change your life today, you’ll be inside the program in the next couple of minutes! But… I’m even adding a special bonus for you… The full “Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” program that you’ve heard about is included in this very special package deal at no additional cost. So you’re not only getting “The Secrets of the Success Equation” program, you’re also getting the complete “Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” program as a BONUS thrown in there for free. As a matter of fact lets just take a moment together to go and tour the product so you can see just a little bit of the incredible value that you’re going to get… Let’s go to the product website together right now and we’ll just begin to scratch the surface of everything you are going to get once you’re on the inside… Site Tour… This powerful action based program begins a transformation in your life creating a 7 figure foundation for success, and prepares you to attract wealth, freedom, and happiness into your life at dizzying speed. This is the pathway and unique power access panel to your abundant life… And because I know you don’t know me that well yet, and because we probably haven’t done business together before… #1- I’m not going to have you pay the $10,000 it took me to discover these secrets or require from you the years it would take to master them and design your own program. I’ve made that investment for you already…I’ve already gone the extra mile for your success… #2- I’m not going to have you pay $3,995 to fly out here and spend 3 days at a conference with me so I can personally teach you all my success secrets either. In fact I’m going to make everything easier and more economical for you… #3- I’m not even going to charge you the $1,500 that this course more than exceeds at a fair market value. NO WAY! Why not..? Because I want you to experience what it feels like to be one of my “Clients” today… I don’t want you to wait any longer… I want you to experience what it feels like to work with me right away… I’m on a mission here remember..? I want you to know what it feels like to be playing on a Winning Team! I want to prove to the world that my system and products are better than anything else out there… I want to build a Relationship with you and have you experience the most Successful, Abundant, and Fulfilled life that you can imagine. And I want to make it possible for you to get started right now… Today! You see… Most people online just want a “customer” somebody who buys something from them and then goes away… But remember what we said guys, and I’m coaching you here again… “You build a fortune online by building and creating relationships…” …not generating (1-night-stand) customers who give you their money, feel scammed, and then end up leaving you. So, to make it very easy for you to experience what it feels like to be one of my clients, and to begin tapping into “The Secrets of the Success Equation” Today… I’m dropping the price of “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” program to only $ 999.97 for today. But because you are a first time client of mine I am going to be taking an instant 50% off that price today… And bring you this incredibly powerful success in a box product for just $495.00 But Remember Law #1… Remember the first law of online wealth…to allow someone to pay only a small amount, sample your products, see that you are legit and that your products work better than anything else out there, create fans for a life time so that they will want to pay you even more later on for the products and services you offer..? That’s how to make things really “Rock” online! Remember..? So because you are a first time client and a fast-action taker, who takes action when it is called for… I’m going to reward your action taking today by removing an additional more than 35% off of that price today… That’s incredible for this kind of value in case you didn’t already recognize it… So it’s not the normal $ 997 .00 It’s not even $ 495.00 Not even… $ 395.00 Instead I’m giving you the first time client bonus fast-action discount price of just $297.95!!! Only $297.95 and its… (Backed by Visa/MC 30 Day 100% Guarantee) Click the “Add to Cart” button that just showed up below this screen right now… Take action now… And you’ll be using “The Secrets of the Success Equation” program to start building the life you’ve dreamed of within 2 minutes… Act Now… Don’t delay… Act fast before todays special video is closed. Hurry now for your HUGE special bonus savings. You’ll begin mastering this powerful Success Formula and have this success in a box system at your finger tips in the next few minutes… You can begin designing, creating, and taking action to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of in a matter of moments… Hurry act now… Click the “Add to Cart” button now and begin your ZERO-RISK experience with this powerful “Secrets of the Success Equation” training system. You will love it… Some people will wonder why I am giving away this secret “Success in a Box System” for such a cheapo no-risk introductory price? And that’s a fair question… It’s only natural that you’d be suspicious of my motives now that you’ve seen all the value I am giving away… It’s simple really… Once you experience the power of “The Secrets of the Success Equation” in action… you are going to become a fan and advocate. You are going to love it… and become super motivated, capable of massive success, and start creating the life that you’ve always dreamed about. You’ll become the best marketing ammunition anyone could have, the best word of mouth advertising any entrepreneur could wish for. And I’m looking for people just like you who want to end up eventually partnering with me and building a successful marketing empire together... People that want to use these principles and training to create an absolutely amazing and abundant life… You see… I am passionate about assisting others in achieving their dreams and seeing them become the greatest individuals they can be in life. I’m looking for the right people… I am looking for like minded individuals who want to master the principles of success, master a system for wealth generation, and learn to effectively introduce others to an opportunity to do the same. It’s simple really… I need trained advocates… I need people who are trained to succeed and who are ready to become leaders in this world, people who are ready to take action when opportunity presents itself. Essentially I’m looking for winners and people in life who are ready to become winners… And it all begins with training people, encouraging them to be their best, and building relationships… That’s why I am willing to let this product go for such a ridiculously low, low, price… When you think about it…it makes sense really doesn’t it? My mentors taught me… My mentors taught me that if there is something you want to achieve in life…go and find others who have the same needs and wants, help them achieve their goals, and then you will have more of what you desire and need most in life. This principle has served me well… Click the “Add to Cart” button now and grab your ridiculous first time client… fast-action bonus price of just… $297.95 Inside “The Secrets of the Success Equation” You won’t be given hollow ideas and fluff teachings about what works… This isn’t theory… I’m building winners and creating a winning team remember? Instead you’ll be directed to a proven and real game plan (an action program) to cultivate success and abundance in life, and you’ll be led and directed through the action steps necessary to achieve these goals in life. Simple really… You’ll be shown how to focus on the truth and principles of success, how to master these principles and techniques one by one, and then engage in a rigorous course of action designed for you to manifest the life, dreams, success, emotions, and abundance that you’ve always wanted. It works when you work it… It works when you work it…it’s a simple to follow plan and recipe! You want Killer Chocolate Chip Cookies don’t you? Or did you want something else..? Click the “Add to Cart” button below immediately and I’ll see you inside The Secrets of the Success Equation product within a minute! Time is almost Out Today… You don’t want to miss this one time opportunity to tap into… “The Secrets of the Success Equation.” at this special introductory price! The Master Teachings… These are the master teachings on life and on using the laws of spirit, success, and creation to manifest the results in life that you’ve always wanted. If you’ve ever wanted to understand how to create what you want in life and get the results you need most from living then this is the course for you… This course is all about creating and manifesting true success and abundance in life… These are the Master Teachings on Manifesting Success The things that everyone's dreams are made of… Don’t wait… The universe rewards those who take immediate action to secure that which they desire most in life… Click the “Add to Cart” button now before it’s too late… Too many good people out there will waste months, years, 100’s of thousands or more… not to mention the frustration of buying gimmicks, fads, and success systems that are never going to work for them or answer their questions in life until they master the principles of The Success Equation first. That’s just Natural Law in action… The greatest success masters of all time were right… The Greatest Achievers of all time knew what they were talking about… “When I finally stopped arguing with them and started applying what they taught…” Things in my life began to change! Grab instant access to “The Secrets of the Success Equation” now… Once you are inside, your head will hit your pillow tonight and you will finally know 100%…that you have discovered the breakthrough power and knowledge necessary to take control of your future, design your own destiny, and realize the life that you’ve dreamed of. This is the Information Age! Therefore knowledge and information is the real currency and power giver in todays society… That’s why I wouldn’t trade $1 Million Dollars… For the knowledge you are about to get your hands on… if it meant I had to give up that knowledge, that power, wisdom, and inspiration forever… If that still sounds Crazy to you Then think about this: Without that knowledge… I’d still be grasping at straws… I’d still be Chopping wood and putting pans out under the leaks in my roof. Stumbling in the dark… I’d still be stumbling in the proverbial darkness looking for the light. I’d still be wasting my time, my money, and my energy on gimmicks, systems, tools, jobs, and crap, that had no real chance of securing me any significant real financial security or improving my life one bit. I’d still be searching for the right answers to life’s questions… But all that is about to change for you right now. I am about to show you the pathway and hand you the proverbial key that unlocks the door to your chosen destiny… Spiritual Material or both… The answers are in The Success Equation. Your time is up today… -It’s now decision time- It’s either going to be Killer Chocolate Chip Cookies from here on out… Or…something else. Click the secure “Add to Cart” button right now and I’ll see you inside “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” program in the next 2 minutes.