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Group 1 writing assignment Odyssey week 2.pptx
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Group 1 Writing assignment Week 2 (01/16-01/22) Prompt An opinion is a belief that you hold about a certain topic. Opinions cannot be proved and are therefore contrasted with facts, which can be proved. Adjectives are often used when giving opinions. ("That's a beautiful coat," or "what a boring lecture.") No doubt you have opinions about many of the characters and events in The Odyssey. Choose four characters or events from the story and give your opinions about each. PREWRITING Think about the characters and events you have read about in The Odyssey. Refer to your notes or the text to refresh your memory. Which ones do you have the strongest opinions about -- which did you like the best or least, think the most interesting or most ridiculous, etc.? Jot down the four characters and/or events about which you have definite opinions. DRAFTING: Write your composition in the form of a chart. Briefly summarize the facts in a left-hand column, and then write your opinion in a right-hand column. Use complete sentences. Example Character Facts (Evidence from the book) Opinion Odysseus In book 12, he had to choose between loosing six of his men or possibly loosing all of his men. Odysseus really cares for his men and is a good leader.