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Min-U-Script Pro Standard Features
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mus_proicon1.png Chapter 2 Min-U-Script Pro Standard Features mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features Utilities - Easy, Fast & Consistent Processing Job Info/Converting Final Production/Delivery Exhibits, Sign., Printing & E-Delivery Transcript Library –Archive Search/ Sort Reproduce, Batching & Reports mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features Utilities –Easy, Fast and Consistent Custom Formats & Cover Pages Custom Email & CD/DVD Menu User Preferences (fonts, margins, etc.) ASCII Fix (editing, spell-check, merging, converting) Job Settings (changing defaults for a particular job) Signature Settings(apply Electronic & Digital Sign.) FormatFull.jpg Custom Full Size Format ReformASCII.jpg Reformat Original ASCII CompanyInfo.jpg Custom Branding MUScover.jpg EditToolbar.jpg Edit Templates/Formats EditPreferences.jpg Edit Preferences FileTool-ASCIIUtil.jpg ASCII Utilities ASCII merge.jpg Menu Driven Utilities mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features Processing Single Page Menu For Entering Specs and Info of Job FileInfoTab.jpg mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features Production/Delivery Exhibit Scanning & Linking, Signatures, Printing & E-Delivery PrintTab.jpg Printing Transcripts SignSetPlace.jpg Digital and Electronic Signatures EDeliveryTab.jpg Electronic Delivery EDeliveryTab.jpg Scan/Attach/Link Exhibits ScanPro.jpg ScanPro ExAttach.jpg Attach Exhibits ExLink.jpg Exhibit Linking Email.jpg Email Template MUSmail.jpg Custom MUS Mail Template CDmenu.jpg CD Template CustomCDMenu.jpg Custom CD/DVD Template mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features Transcript & Exhibit Library Searching/Sorting, Reproduce, Batch Processing & Reports TLcapsort.jpg SORT/SEARCH CAPTION TLjobdate.jpg SORT/SEARCH JOB DATE TLwitnesssearch.jpg SEARCH WITNESS NAME TLreprint.jpg REPRINT/VIEW JOB TLcasebatch1.jpg CASEWIDE SEARCH TLcasebatch2.jpg CASEWIDE BATCH PROCESS TLcasebatch3.jpg CASEWIDE BATCH DELIVERY CaseBatchIndex.jpg CASEWIDE FILE PACKAGE ExhibitBatchIndex.jpg CASEWIDE EXHIBIT FILE CaseWordList.jpg CASEWIDE WORD LIST mus_proicon1.png 888-877-1187