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Log in to start your hacking session. 1 credit = 1 hour session. A server will be created for you in the Cloud. Labs correlate to chapters in the Web Application
Hacker's Handbook
The Try It! examples from the book will work
whilst your browser is logged into the session.
The book contains "Hack Steps" to help you
through the exercise.
The screenshot and code samples in the book
match the lab environment.
Each lab is independent, so you can dip into any
Within each lab there are easy exercises... technologies... ...and quirks of familiar ones... There is no "dangerous action" as it is your server. ...accidentally updating everybody's name to foo
will only affect your session :-)
...or you can do your worst with command
Whether SQL, LDAP, SOAP, XPath or even
command injection - nothing is simulated.
...and as a professional resource, labs give both
depth and breadth of coverage.