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Images Resize and Rotate - GeoGebra Tip
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This is a GeoGebra tip on how to reshape, resize or rotate any image that has been inserted into GeoGebra very easily. So let's insert an image <BR>into GeoGebra. We will use our horse one. It looks very nice but maybe it's too big or too small or maybe it's facing the <BR>wrong way or maybe we have resized one of our axes and it is distorted and we don't want it to be distorted. We simply go to the new point tool and click three new points. We then right <BR>click on the image go the object properties go to the position tab first point the second point third point - close. Check that we're on the move tool and now we can move any of these <BR>points any which way and we can reshape, resize or rotate the image as we want. When we're done, we simply right click on the image again, object properties, find the point. In this case they are all three so we select <BR>the category and deselect Show objects. That's the end if it's a static image. If you want to be a movable image then of course all three points have to <BR>move together A, B and C.