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A GeoGebra micro-tip. Use Esc to get to the Move
So let us say you are going to create a circle with
a variable radius.
Go to the slider tool. Create a slider. We will call it
r, positive radius, that’s it. Apply.
Now we need the circle with radius tool. Come
down here and click and it asks us for a radius.
So we type in r so that it is connected to the
Now we want to see that the slider is connected
to the circle.
But if we just start trying to click and drag,
GeoGebra will try to make another circle,
because we need to get to the move tool.
So let us say that we just created the circle and
we want to move the slider.
Hit Esc (Escape) and now we are on the Move
tool and we can change our radius.
So hit Esc to get to the Move tool. My thanks to @MathHombre on Twitter for this tip.