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Largest Triangle in Circle
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Our challenge here is to make a triangle in a <BR>circle with the largest area. You see a circle and a triangle with vertices A, B and C. A <BR>circle and a triangle with vertices A, B and C. Look over at the algebra view at the left. The <BR>value of poly1 is the area of the triangle. So here's the triangle. Notice that poly1 is shiny and vice versa. So <BR>the area currently is 1.97. We can move A anywhere along the circle. <BR>Get the move tool and then click and drag A. It'll go along with circle anywhere we <BR>want.And we can move B and C anywhere. But there is one rule. All of the points of the <BR>triangle must be on or inside the circle. So step one is to click and drag A to another <BR>point on the circle of our choice and leave it there. We have already done that. Step two is now to click and drag B and C <BR>until poly1 shows the largest value. We will probably have to click and drag them <BR>several times. So here we are clicking and dragging C and <BR>noticing the change in poly1. And that is what we need to do. Click and drag B and C until we get the <BR>largest value for the area.