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In this video tutorial we're going to go over some of the methods that you can use to access your grades for your courses. So I'm going to go into our online student orientation. Here on the home screen, you can see this grade nugget, or grade window. It shows you your overall grade, as well as a breakdown for your average in each category. Now, this lavender colored bar is your grade and the gray one is the class average. You might not always be able to see the class average, because the instructor can disable that if they so choose. Also, this grade window, or nugget might not always be available on the home screen. In fact, in a lot of cases, it won't be. It will usually be available under the resources tab though. Here, if we scroll down, once again, we can see the exact same grade window. Now, one thing to keep in mind about it is that it does not refresh on its own. This means that when you first log into a class, and you don't have any assignments submitted for it, you'll probably see a 0%, which is normal, since the system doesn't have anything to base the grade off of. Now, as you progress through the class, let's say, you've sent a couple assignments, this grade nugget will still say a 0%, until you click refresh, at which point it will update the info that it has, and give you a new output for what your grade is. In fact, you can see here that now says that we have 22.2 points instead of the nine that it originally had. This is because in this test account I have gone through and completed some more work to show you how this works. Likewise, if I were to go through and do more things that would affect my grade, or potentially change it in this test account, it would not show up on this grade nugget until I hit refresh. So keep in mind that this is only as current as the last time you clicked refresh. Now, the last way to access your grades is probably the most versatile, and this will always be up to date when you access it. That is to go into the report tab over here. From the report tab, we see this screen that's called reports console. You have the report settings. These are the default settings for it. Where it says Student-1-Eagle, this wil have your name. Just leave it the way it is. There's no other option for it. Under category, if we leave it as learner profile and change it from reports, to grade book grades, and click run, you'll see a nice chart here that shows your grade in green and the course average in blue for for all of the various assignments that you have submitted for the course. Another way to access this information is to, up here, change this to grades It says student grades. Leave that default, click run again, and here you'll see a nice break down in a table format that shows all the assingments, as well as what you got on them, and any instructor comments. Keep in mind that if an assignment is grayed out like this, that simply means that you don't have the score for it yet. Now, early on the year, if your instructor has already put in a lot of the assignments that you're going to be given later on, and you don't have them yet, they aren't due, they haven't even been passed out yet, it's really nothing to worry about. However, if you see something from early on in the year and you have a bunch of things after it already, or you remember getting an assignment and turning it in, and you still don't have a grade for it, that would definitely be something to talk to your instructor about. Because sometimes, instructors don't always enter in zeros until, say the last day of class, and that can be quite a rude surprise if a bunch of assignments are grayed out, therefore not being factored in your grade, and on the last day of class, they get turned into zeros, thereby bringing your grade down. So again, don't worry about grayed out items at first. If they stay grayed out for a long time though, definitely go talk to your instructors about that. Again, you see your grades here, and you see any comments over here. This is probably, again, most versatile way to access your grades. And on that note this concludes how we access our grades in EAGLE. Thank you!