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ERcoder Advisor CPT Demo
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Finding a CPT code with
ERcoder Advisor is fast and easy.
Search for CPT code for Closed
Shoulder Dislocation
Click the CPT button Select your state This will let ERcoder Advisor give you
state specific information about the
CPT code.
Local Medicare Fee Schedule Expert advice specific to your location LCD and NCD for your state If you code for more than one state You can change your stated any time
by clicking the change button
Type the procedure you are searching
ER coder advisor will refine your
results as you type
Full or partial words return results Click "Show speciality codes" to limit
results to codes identified as
frequently used in the ED.
Refine your search further by entering
more information in the search box
See additional information about CPT
codes by placing mouse over code
Additional code specific information Medicare fee schedule for your
CMS global days Expert advice from ERcoder 23650 for Closed Shoulder Dislocation 23655 is not correct due to "requiring
anesthesia in descriptor.