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Introductions HMS: Founded in 1984 TimeControl released to market in 1994 Partners with: Microsoft since 1995 Oracle-Primavera since 1997 Deltek (Welcom) since 1985 Timesheet best practices How often to do timesheets? 100% compliance Variance reporting Timesheet data mining Vacation taken… was it approved? Business Validation Rules Reduce Redundancy One version of the truth Auditability Effective timekeeping practices How often to timesheet? Should you fill in your timesheet weekly? Daily? Hourly? Consider first how many things you do in a day. Can you keep track of what you did by the end of the day? Then do the timesheet daily. Can you give a good accounting of how you spent your time by the end of the week? Then do your timesheet weekly. 100% Compliance It’s Friday at 5pm. Do you know where your timesheets are? Missing timesheet reports Missing timesheet email notification Timesheets stuck along approval path Delegate timesheet completion Delegate approvals Deal with orphaned timesheets Missing timesheet notification Missing timesheet report Variance Reporting Use reporting and ad-hoc tools to ensure that people do what was expected Variance on expected overtime tasks Project baseline vs. timesheet actuals Who did work they weren’t assigned to? Timesheet datamining Where does the time go? Excessive overhead Excessive uncategorized time Untracked non-project time Excessive time on baselined tasks Work on unassigned tasks Trends in data Graphical groupings Example: IT Maintenance Vacation tracking Entitled time was taken but was the employee really entitled? Track distinct banks of time for vacation, sick leave, personal time off and banked overtime Set up approvals for taking time from different banks Create business rules that ensure that taking entitled time follows the organization’s policies Business Validation Rules Trap data entry hours where they can be fixed most effectively… at entry Avoid errors in the first place by having clean data Different rules for different employees Start a new timesheet system with very few rules (6 or less) Add new rules 1 or 2 at a time for most common untrapped errors Have some errors be only warnings Reduce Redundancy Having multiple timesheets for multiple purposes is expensive and ineffective: You have to support multiple applications You have to reconcile data from different sources You have multiple reporting formats to confront Worst of all, some people will have to do more than one timesheet (isn’t one enough??) One version of the truth If timesheet data comes from one source then there is no need to reconcile multiple systems A multi-purpose timesheet can provide a single source of entry for many systems and avoid the confusion of different tracking of labor by: HR Payroll Billing Project Management Auditability Ensure your timesheet is an auditable source of data Auditable timesheets can be used on just for project updates but also for: Payroll DCAA compliance Research and Development tax credits Billing justification Sarbanes Oxley compliance Other government requirements Be effective with your timesheet Know how to get the most out of your enterprise systems including your timesheet: How to enter data quickly How to personalize/customize for your requirements How to report/datamine your own data How to link to other systems How to provide training to end users without intervention TimeControl Principles Easy for the end user Robust functionality available to who needs it Highly flexible Highly connectable Fast to deploy Easy to maintain TimeControl® HR Systems and Payroll Finance and Billing systems Project Management Governance Activity Costing systems Timesheets TimeControl TC4_trans Smartphone / Tablet Support Blackberry iPhone Android Windows7 Mobile iPad TimeControl Key Features Easy web interface Multi-browser support Multilingual Install onsite or subscribe in the cloud Expense tracking Automated Approvals Matrix Approvals Vacation Requests Flexible Reporting Flexible architecture SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL Links to Project Mgt Microsoft Project Project Server Oracle-Primavera Deltek OpenPlan Deltek Cobra Links to ERP/Finance Dynamics SAP Oracle Others… Government compliance DCAA, SOX, FMLA, etc. European Time Directives Links to HR, Project Mgt and Finance HMS Software is a Technology Alliance Partner with Primavera and a Certified Microsoft Partner TimeControl includes direct integration with popular project management systems such as Microsoft Project and Project Server, Oracle-Primavera and Deltek’s Open Plan and Cobra. You can move data on a scheduled or on-demand basis Supports multiple project management systems and versions simultaneously Customizable import/export function to interface with virtually any Finance, Billing, HR, Payroll software or service or ERP system including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and more primavera_partner_logo.gif SAP Logo.jpg getfile.tif Some of our many clients akzonobel atlanta_airport bdc Bombardier CAE1 Cimmetry ericsson_logo johndeere kellyservices koch_logo1 lg_Rroyce Lockerbie and Hole LockheedMartin Mercury1 Motorola organon Positron saab Saskatchewan StandardLife stel-logo Transcontinental Thomson Beta GeorgiaPacific Inventure CIHI Exfo PsionTeklogix upi7829_1[1] TommyHilfiger johnson and wales university CasinoNiagara top_logo[1] adacel Acergy : seabed-to-surface volvo logo[1] stratosglobal MicrosoftLogo.jpg USACE_Logo.jpg ParkerHanifen electromotivediesel.jpg VilleDeMontreal.jpg TimeControl works in many industries Engineering/Construction Aecon Construction AeroInfo Koch Business Solutions Kongsberg Devotek Thompson Beta Gas / Utilities Gulf South Pipeline Acergy Petrocon VenCorp Manufacturing Alcan Parker Hannifin Dofasco Georgia Pacific John Deere Magneti Marelli Mercury Marine Tennant Wagner Spray Tech Vision Systems Defense / Aerospace Bombardier Inc. CAE Electronics General Motors Diesel Lockheed Martin Rolls Royce SAAB Government Dutch Railways Government of Saskatchewan Railway Procurement Agency (UK) Technology Arivia CSI Piemonte DRS Power Control Tech EDS Face Technology Fuel Plus Software GE Access Lockheed Martin Positron Psion Techlogix DRUCK Ltd Telecommunications Cable & Wireless Bartel Ericsson EXFO Motorola Philips Semiconductors SARA Amsterdam Stratos Global Financial Standard Life Development Bank of One Health/Pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim Azko Nobel (Organon) RTS Thurnall UK National Health Service (NHS) Canadian Institute for Health Info Iogen Registrat World_Transparent TimeControl Dealer Network Montreal, Canada Toronto, Canada Mexico Brazil UK Hungary Netherlands Germany Norway S. Africa Saudi Arabia Australia Hong Kong Denmark Thailand USA Sweden Finland Argentina Russia Chile Singapore What sets TimeControl apart Install onsite or subscribe online Mobile, Tablet, Browser interface Multi-browser, multi-language Links to Project Management, SharePoint, Excel Vacation Approvals TimeControl is the most flexible and adaptive timesheet on the market And… fast to implement. You can be up and running just a few days from now! Thank you! For more information: To find out more about TimeControl: To try TimeControl for free: To find out about HMS Software: To reach HMS Software: