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APSRC ABC Initiative
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C:\Users\bsingletary\Downloads\2663222582_b13dbb56ee_b.jpg Old%20Main.jpg -8QUb9LSaY/s1600/underwood_typewriter.jpg tent/uploads/2011/05/ipad-2-review-4411.jpg ipedia/commons/b/bc/Can_factory_workers_stamping_out_end_discs,_published_1909.jpg We adjusted to those changes and continued increasing achievement. Achieving By Changing Three Year Initiative Designed by APSRC and privately funded Support public schools’ transition to CCSS Achieving By Changing Focus Change classroom practice Prepare teachers to meet the rigors of CCSS Achieving By Changing Data Literacy Examine what is working Build on best practices Achieving By Changing Professional Development Support the change of classroom practice Build embedded academic skills Achieving By Changing Rigor and Relevance Reviews Determine current level of readiness for full implementation of CCSS Identify and maintain practices that work Achieving By Changing “…creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels, each student is supported so that he or she can learn at high levels, and each student demonstrates learning at high levels.” --Barbara Blackburn Rigor Rigor The ABC initiative will create an environment to address the learning needs of: Administrators Instructional Facilitators Teachers Support Staff Students With specific training components designed for each group Research Based Strategies “In order to meet continually increasing accountability standards, districts must change their approach. The goal of APSRC is not to remediate single schools, but to establish a statewide change model. We are preparing districts for the Common Core while simultaneously increasing achievement.” --Scott Smith, Executive Director Achieving By Changing Achieving By Changing ABC will Focus on Leveraging existing capacity/resources and share the work across the network Establishing learning collaborative reflecting the best practices of PLCs Building Responsibility for joint accountability and outcomes Comprehensive Design ABC will address Arkansas State Requirements ACSIP plan development and implementation Professional Development Track Academic Achievement Teacher Evaluation (Act 1209) Achieving By Changing Structure of Support Services Establish regional networked “hubs” Support by ABC Coaches Achieving By Changing ABC Training Hubs ck_000013296501XSmall1.jpg Improved Achievement by Changing Instructional Practices Curriculum Common Core Instructional Strategies Rigor and Relevance Data Data Driven Decision Making Technology Delivery System for All Learners Professional Development Building Embedded Skills Teacher Evaluation Creating Professional Portfolios Achieving By Changing APSRC Achieving By Changing Year One Year Two Year Three The Hard Work 3 year commitment with signed MOU Matching commitment by district partners APSRC as partner until the new assessment What we learn will be shared across our partnership Achieving By Changing Achieving By Changing Developed by APSRC, ABC is a comprehensive and integrated approach to implementing the change necessary for the transition to the Common Core State Standards. For more information: Barbara Hunter Cox 501-492-4300 Achieving By Changing