The Ohio Historic Preservation Office offers two levels of access to the Online Mapping System: free basic access and fee-based access. Login to either the free or fee-based OHPO Mapping System at: Basic access to the Online Mapping System is free with registration and offers access to statewide base maps for use in UTM collection and the creation of maps for use in Ohio Historic Preservation Office applications. This video tutorial is designed to go over basic concepts for creating and labeling project and APE boundaries and exporting the maps for inclusion with the Project Summary Form. Fee-based access includes all of the above tools and coverages, plus the following data layers: National Register of Historic Places (all listings as points) National Register Historic Districts (all districts as polygons) Ohio Historic Inventory Ohio Archaeological Inventory Previously Surveyed Areas (archaeology and historic structures) The tutorial was created using the OHPO free Online Mapping System; however, the GIS tools demonstrated in the tutorial are also present in the fee-based site.
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