How Can I Add or Edit Captions to My Videos?

Before discussing how to add or edit captions, there are a few prerequisites to be aware of.

  • This feature is only available to Pro account users
  • The video must be in MP4 (h.264) or Silverlight-compatible (VC1) WMV format
  • Silverlight (version 4 or higher) must be installed on your computer
  • If using Camtasia for Mac, it's essential to upload your video from Share > Share to (and don't manually upload an exported MP4).

The caption editor is typically used in two ways:

  1. You used Camtasia Relay, Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac to initially caption your video, but once on you notice an error and wish to correct it.
  2. Your video has no captions and you will caption the video from scratch on

Important note: Changes made to the captions on are only reflected on For example, if you make a few edits to a video from Camtasia, then download and play the video somewhere else, the changes are not applied. Only viewers watching the video on will see the updated captions.

To add or edit captions:

  1. Sign in to your Pro account and navigate to the video content.
  2. Under the content, in the Details tab, click Edit Captions. You will be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight if not detected. The Caption Editor appears.
  3. If your video already has captions, use the video controls to review them.
  4. Edit existing captions by clicking inside a caption and editing the text. You can extend captions to the left or right, by dragging the edge. While you cannot drag a caption to reposition its timing, you can change the position in this manner.
  5. Add , delete , and split captions as needed.
  6. To save your work, click Save. (Captions are also auto-saved every minute)
  7. When the captions are complete, click the Preview and Submit tab.
  8. Review the presentation and make any final adjustments to the text or timing of the captions.
  9. When you are ready to commit all changes to your live video, click Publish.