Create and Share a Playlist

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Create and Share a Playlist

Playlists provide a way to share your content, just group together the files from your library that you want to share. You can add content located in your library or in any folder into a playlist.

You can even add an RSS feed to your playlist. Then, every time you add content to the playlist your viewers are notified.

Note: Before you share, consider the privacy levels assigned to your playlist. The privacy levels determine who can see your content and when they can see it (called security levels):

  • The Public privacy level allows anyone who can find your library to view your content.
  • The Hidden privacy level ensures the content will not be seen when others view your library – it is completely hidden from view.
  • The Password level of privacy requires viewers to enter the password in order to view the content. The actual folder or playlist in the library will not be seen when others view your library.
  • The Authenticated account is the highest level of privacy. In order to view the content, the recipient receives an email containing a link to the content. To view the content, the recipient must have a account (they can create one for free). The email address used to create an account must match the email address on the invitation. Additionally, an invitation can be revoked at any time rendering the link in that email invalid.


Create a Playlist

  1. In your library, click the Create Playlist button. The Create New Playlist dialog box appears.

  2. Check the boxes to add content to the playlist.
  3. Click Create Playlist.
  4. The Edit Playlist Properties dialog box appears.
  5. Enter a title and description.
  6. If desired, select an RSS option.
  7. Choose the privacy level.
  8. Click Save.


Share a Playlist

When sharing a playlist, it appears to your viewers as a Playlist MediaRoll.

  1. While in the library, hover over a playlist.
  2. From the popup menu, click Share. The Share Folder dialog box appears. The Share Playlist dialog box.
  3. Click on the code snippet that correlates to the share option that you need. The code is automatically copied to the clipboard.
  4. Click Done.


Playlist MediaRoll Example

This is how a Playlist MediaRoll will appear to your viewers:


Changing Playlist Names

You can move content files, including those already shared, from one folder into another folder or from a folder into a playlist without breaking shared URLs such as embedded links, embed code, or the MediaRoll.

Changing the name of a playlist after content has been shared will cause all shared URLs associated with that name or folder/playlist to break. This includes embedded links, embed code, and the MediaRoll.

  • If you have changed any playlist names, restoring them to their original names will correct the broken links.
  • If you cannot remember the playlist names, you will need to redistribute the links as appropriate, using new share code. Get new code by clicking on the playlist's Share option.


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