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Begin Here! Download Getting Started PDF Documents

Need help getting up and going with your new account? We have three downloadable PDF documents to help you learn the basics of using

  1. Getting Started Using
  2. Getting the Most from your Account
  3. Putting it all together: An Example Case Study

Click to go to the folder to download the PDFs.

View Statistics for Folder, Playlist, or Content

You can view statistics for a folder, playlist, or content file.

From the library, view the following statistics for a folder or playlist:

  • Last modified date for a file in the folder/playlist
  • Privacy level
  • Number of files in the folder/playlist
  • Total size of all content in the folder/playlist
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Your Account Overview

The Account Information page is an overview of your account. This is where you can change your email address or password. You can also view your storage and bandwidth usage.

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How to Upload Content

There are several ways to upload content to Upload content directly from within the library, use the Mac or Windows Desktop Uploader, or, upload content directly from other TechSmith products such as Camtasia Studio and Jing.

Content hosted on isn’t compressed or re-encoded into a “one-size-fits-all” format. The integrity of your original content is protected, so what you upload is exactly what your viewers see.

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How to Share Your Content

You can share individual files in your library, the entire contents of a folder, a playlist made up of content collected from other folders, or a MediaRoll embedded in a web page or blog. This tutorial tells you how.

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