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Screencast.com is a TechSmith solution for business and academic professionals looking to manage and share videos, images, documents, or anything else online. Screencast.com's high-quality content-hosting gives you complete control over how, when and to whom your content is distributed.

About TechSmith

TechSmith's solutions enable users worldwide to capture, record, and enhance digital content from their computer screens so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and allow others to observe, analyze and learn from their experiences. More


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Found a bug or have a question that we have not answered? Our Support Center is the place to go.

Reporting Security Issues

If you discover a vulnerability in a TechSmith product, email: security@techsmith.com. Please include a detailed summary of the issue including the name of the product (e.g., Screencast.com) and the nature of the issue you believe you've discovered. Be sure to include an email address where we can reach you in case we need more information. TechSmith will respond to your notification within a reasonable amount of time and will quickly work to fix the reported vulnerability.

About Screencast.com